Thursday 13 September 2018

Asgard Miniatures - Robots, 70s style!

Back in the 70s, Asgard Miniatures were one of the biggest little companies going in the fantasy field. They had a nice sci fi range as well, full of Trimotes, Inscrutable Orts, One-Eyed Glax and Mandiblex to name but a few! They had 3 robots as well, the 3rd of which I just found in one of my boxes.....heaven knows how long it's been there! I've uploaded pics onto the Lost Minis WIKI but thought it'd be nice for a bit of old school lead here.......X1 Cyborg War Machine was sculpted by Stan Pochron (thanks Mark!),  the other 2 were sculpted by either Bryan Ansell or Tony Ackland we think (if you know differently please let me know!). Excuse a couple of blurry hands are a little shaky these days.

X1 Cyborg War Machine

X2 Three-Arm Robot

X3 Hover Robot

If, like me, you love old school Asgard sculpts you could do with visiting Mark Stephenson's Facebook Asgard Miniatures Collectors page here. Also, if anyone has any information on Stan Pochron please get in touch! A little more information on Asgard's history here. Previous related posts here.

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