Thursday 6 September 2018

Starcast Miniatures.......Fantasia Myth, the 70's revisited.....

Well, I just picked up a small handful of the old babies. Sculpted by an Alan Newson around 1974, this is a perfect example of a small miniature company jumping in on that wonderful tidal wave of Dungeons & Dragons hitting the hobby like nothing else before. The sculpts are pretty basic even for the times however they have that certain 'je ne sais quois' that I love......they also had a line of micro spaceships however I have never seen examples of those........ Fortunately they come with the code inscribed under the base which led me to recognising what they were meant to be some years back....

The line was typical of the day.

Fantasia Myth

F1 Pixie
F2 Elf (*)
F3 Hobbit (*)
F4 Dwarf (*)
F5 Gnome (*)
F6 Goblin (*)
F7 Jester
F11 High Priest
F12 Wizard
F13 Devil's Disciple
F14 Enchantress
F15 Thief
F16 Troll
F17 Skeleton (*)
F18 Vampire
F19 Werewolf
F20 Armoured Hero (*)
F21 Unarmoured Hero (*)
F22 Orc (*)
F23 Large Wolf
F24 Minotaur
F25 Mummy
F26 Reptile Man
F27 Armoured Rider for Pegasus (*)
F28 Armoured Hero w. Backpack (*)
 F29 Unarmoured Hero w. Backpack (*)
F30 Musician w. lute
F31 Witch
F39 Slime Monster
F40 Pegasus
F41 Harpie
F42 Giant Bat
F43 Mule w. Baggage
F44 Black Panther
F50 Giant w. Club
F51 Hydra (Nine Headed Snake)
F52 Giant Scorpion
F53 Giant Spider
F60 Dragon w. Two Heads
"(*)" denotes separate weapon and shield.

And of course the obligatory dungeon furnishings line.....

FS1 Human Skull
FS2 Dragons Skull
FS3 Laden Feasting Table
FS4 High Backed Chair
FS5 Decorated Throne
FS6 Captive Cage (5 parts)
FS7 Coffin/Tomb
FS8 Seated Hero Unarmoured
FS9 Seated Wizard
FS10 Seated Monk
FS11 Seated Enchantress
FS12 Treasure Chest
FS13 Witches Cauldron

And separate weapons....

FW1 Small Round Shield
FW2 Large Round Shield
FW3 Heart Shaped Shield
FW4 Oblong Shield
FW10 Scimitar
FW11 Short Sword
FW12 Hand Axe w. Double Head
FW13 Pole Axe w. Double Head
FW14 Pick Axe
FW15 Double Handed Axe
FW16 Glaive
FW17 Spiked Mace
FW18 Hammer
FW19 Long Bow
FW20 Crossbow

So much lead to collect, so little time...........a few of my pics below....

As I think I've hinted, definitely an acquired taste.

Pics of a bunch of the range are on the Lost Minis WIKI here.

If you come across any and would like to sell or trade please email me....


Springinsfeld said...

I love them, simpler the better... that gibbet cage looks just like the Citadel one from the FS range.

David Wood said...

After all this time I've realised the gibbet is the Citadel one!