Monday 24 June 2019

New Bob Olley Politicos now available............

It is with not a little amusement that I realised I haven't posted pics of the 4 new caricatures sculpted by the legendary Bob Olley and painted by yours truly.............I've just put them on the 'Blog Minis For Sale!' tab but thought it wise to put them on a full post as well......also painted pics of the previous release of 5. Now you fight your way through politics and storm through Europe, America and the Far East with know what I mean. Ideas for new releases always appreciated......

Bern, Socialist Lord of Change

Corbyn, Bringer of Equality

Merkel, Opener of Gateways

Teresa, Infernal Voice of Confusion

Gaddo, Despoiler of Realms

Kim Do, Inference of Might

Sad Do, Deserted Warrior

Donald, Lord of Covfefe

Hilary, Angel of Surety

All available on the website;

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