Tuesday 13 August 2019

Hinchliffe 1970's Sci Fi conundrum partially solved...

Whilst looking for some images of Hinchliffe Models' chariot pieces to solve another puzzle, I came across a February 1975 advertisement on the wonderful old catalogue resource Mirosoft... I've used it many times before and, indeed, foresee using it a lot in the future... Anyway, searching through a Hinchliffe Models' ads PDF I finally found a title for SF15 which has, so far, been an unknown... most listings jumping from SF14 to SF16... we finally have SF15 Martian Dog. So, a partly solved puzzle now needing a picture of a Peter Gilder sculpted Calot.

More on the full range here;

SF1 Red Martian officer

SF2 Red Martian trooper, radium rifle

SF3 Red Martian trooper, long and short sword

SF4 Red Martian Female, radium pistol

SF5 Black Martian trooper, radium rifle

SF6 White Martian, sword, attacking

SF7 White Martian, sword, defending

SF8 Green Martian, swords

SF9 Green Martian, sword and axe

SF10 Hero, possibly John Carter himself!

 SF11 Red Martian Princess

SF12  Giant Martian Ape

SF13  Plantman

SF14 Martian Lion

SF15 Martian Dog

SF16 Red Martian trooper, mounted on Thoat.

SF17 Green Martian mounted on Thoat

Lots of info on John Carter ranges below (although it does need an update);

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Springinsfeld said...

Interesting post. John Carter never really did it for me, although it's nice to see these figures painted up so well. The sci-fi figures in the Hinchliffe FA range were rather fun.

David Wood said...

I fell in love with the books when I was in the States back around 82. The later Hichliffe Sci Fi range was quite interesting, would love to know who sculpted it as they didn't seem very Peter Gilder like. Still missing FA73 Reptilian Rex Primary Hypnotiser which is annoying as there's no pictorial record except for my pics on the WIKI so none of that one at all :(

Springinsfeld said...

Well to my untutored eye, they look very much like Garrison sculpts, so could be the same designer?

Springinsfeld said...

Rereading your reply, I realise you meant the sculptor of the FA sci-fi. Not a clue, but agree they are very different from most Gilder work.

EY said...

Very interesting, I was not aware of this line of figures. Thanks for posting that link to the PDFs. It looks like a great resource.

David Wood said...

I wonder if they are John Braithwaite? It would be nice to find out.

So many lines to find.