Wednesday 29 January 2020

The Treadmill of Hubris - Kev Adams own Kickstarter!

After decades of sculpting wonderful pieces for many different companies (The Little Soldier Company included 😊 ) Kev has finally got to working on his own sculpts and they show all his usual crazed madness! All images are borrowed off the Kickstarter and remain their copyright of course.

The backdrop is that the goblins (in this case, Boglets, a small variant of goblin, that takes delight in trickery, cunning, and humiliation of their foe), having discovered a couple of Dwarfs drunk next to their barrel of ale, captures and enslaves them.  It is normal for Boglets to use the Dwarfs own barrel of beer as the cornerstone of their enslavement, and they do this with great mirth and delight in what the Boglets have coined, the Treadmill of Hubris.

Read the rest of the story here;

Kev's new fledgling website is here, there's a great WIKI dedicated to his work here, an interview here and, of course, lots of Kev Adams' articles on this blog here (keep hitting 'older posts' at the bottom... )

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