Monday 13 January 2020

Heroics & Ros 1/300 Sci Fi range

I remember seeing this range advertised many moons ago and I finally got a sample pack off them at Salute a few years back so decided to pick up the range. The company was bought out around 10 years ago and keeps going from strength to strength. I fondly remember perusing old Military Modelling magazines desperately wanting to see what all the military models looked like... listings being the sign of those times of course... we weren't spoiled like today with the veritable plethora of high quality images of every miniature we want... H&R still have some way to go with their website but it's a lot better than it used to be. The Sci Fi range isn't listed and the 12 code titles are lost to time... unless you know differently? They were talking of putting them on the website... let them know if you want that to happen! Mark Hides over at Conflict in Colour does a lot of their painting for them... it would be great to see these done by him.













There's another H&R post here about their old ancient 25mm plastics...


Chris H said...

Well that's a new one,i thought I'd seen all H&R had to offer but these are completely new to me, shame they didn't advertise them as i may have gone with them rather than the mis-mash of manufacturers that i did go with!

David Wood said...

How true Chris. I wish they'd expanded the range into vehicles and such like as well... I'm sure they'd have done well.

Mark Hides said...

They paint up VERY nicely. The robots, look great if painted as wielding force blades, a la lightsaber.