Tuesday 19 October 2021

New releases for The Little Soldier Company - Nogbad returns!

Just to let you know that Nogbad the Bad has managed to sneak into Noggin's stables and purloined a pony... chances are there will be mischief ahoof...


Here he is plotting with some of Noggin's troops... he'd be better off talking to his crows!

The Tenoch have not been idle... an accessory / conversion set along with a mounted champion and a warrior with pike... a Tenoch phalanx can be a reality!

The Alice Kickstarter won't be too long now but, in the meantime, don't forget to become a Politico (top left, grow the lead revolution please) or even hit The Little Soldier Company banner at the top and pick up some pieces... 

1 comment:

Rodor said...

The cartoonish style of Nogbad and the dynamic pose of the Tenoch mounted champion are great! We were imagining them in a face to face meeting ... what would happen ?!