Tuesday 6 September 2022

Ral Partha Legacy have the Khamaí...


Well, they've finally sneaked over to America to join the hallowed ranks of some of the best sculpts in the hobby. Jacob Fathbruckner is doing a great job of releasing all the old Ral Partha sculpts and more. Most of the minis that Tom Meier sculpted back in the 70's are available again - I do have lots of them from back when Citadel produced them under licence (and a few that were imported by Wargames Publications (Scotland) Ltd)... many still in need of being painted. The new pieces Tom is sculpting are incredible and it's great to see the old ranges being expanded further. 

The Khamaí are here; 


(link opens up in a new window)

Do take a good look around the RPL site, there's lots to see!

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demi_morgana said...

These are acid!!! 😍