Friday 18 November 2022

White Dwarf 63 - Tabletop Heroes by Joe Dever & Gary Chalk


Just grabbed a random White Dwarf magazine and realised I had forgotten how much I loved the Tabletop Heroes articles. I was always in awe of the skillset of these guys... nowadays we are spoilt for choice with printed and resin scenery but, back then you mostly had to scratchbuild unless you could afford the joys of companies such as Otherworld Artifacts. I recently picked up the Warrior's Watchtower and it is every bit as wonderful as it looks on these hallowed pages. Leafing through the magazine makes me remember how many small miniature companies have disappeared over the years... 

You can still get most of the pirates as they've been re-released by Wargames Foundry... image borrowed with permission.

There's a few more posts on Otherworld Artifacts here including a box opening of the aforementioned Watchtower and the 1986 catalogue.

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