Sunday 29 January 2023

Medball - a Kickstarter in peril!

 Edit - thankfully funded!

Well, I've got 14 wonderful backers but still not hitting the target... I really thought this would be reasonably popular! When I think about the ranges now that I have planned, I wonder if it's worth me investing the little funds I have into them. The Little Soldier Company has never shown a profit and isn't looking like it will last long term. Very sad as it has been a labour of love and I've worked with some wonderful people. I looked into advertising with a wargaming website but this was the answer I got back;

Thanks for reaching out to us. As our minimum campaign spend is £5,000, we're not going to be the partner to help you with this.

If you fancy helping out and getting some wonderful Martin Buck sculpts cast up and released, the Kickstarter is below;

It currently has 54 hours to go and is £231 away from target.

Noggin the Nog, Nogbad the Bad and Knut

These were the concept drawings from Martin for additional sculpts...

One of the hoped for upcoming new ranges... 

Any thoughts please leave a comment below or email me over at


Paintmonger said...

Squat genestealers? I would go for those!

Herr Zinnling said...

Good luck with the Kickstarter!
The miniatures on the last picture look very interesting.
Is that a new range you are planning?
Cheers, Karl

David Wood said...

@Paintmonger... The Infected...

@HerrZinling - Hi Karl, yes, a sci-fi escapade, small to start with but then we'll see.