Thursday 6 April 2023

Bob Naismith old fantasy sculpts... part II

Updating an old blog post as I've picked up a bunch of variant sculpts...

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, Bob sculpted a number of (now long out of production) fantasy pieces for various companies. I am led to believe he first sculpted for Wargames Publications (Scotland) Ltd. He sculpted a large amount of historical, both in 15mm and 25mm under 'Naismith Design' label which were distributed by Navwar Productions Limited. The 15mm are mostly still available however the 25mm are long gone and Navwar have never been able to supply any information regarding the masters etc. I would assume they are gathering dust in one of Bob's Highland hideaways... the man is a true Scot through and through. He has sculpted for many different companies over the years including being responsible for the first Games Workshop Space Marines (should I insert a 'TM' there?) - the old classic Womble helmeted ones. He left GW around 1990 to become freelance. He sculpted a large Sci Fi range 'Cobalt' that has recently been picked up by Black Hat Miniatures (since sold on). He is currently producing plastic for both Fireforge Games and Mantic Games along with his latest venture where he's turned to 3D computer modelling...

These are what I have of the fantasy he released under Naismith Design.....If anyone has any more variants please let me know!

F1 Dungeoneer Duck

F2 Adventurer Elf ready to travel

Version 2

Version 1 (bought when they were first advertised)

F3 Superhero in cape & tights

Version 2

Version 1 (bought when they first came out)

F4 Thief Adventurer with loot and pack

F5 Skeleton Warrior with sword and shield

F6 Knight of the Order of the Chaotic Pig

F7 Hunchback half troll prowling

F8 Unarmoured troll advancing

F9 Armoured troll striking

F10 Troll with shoulder plate marching

F11 Mutant four armed adventurer

F12 Green adventurer with "muscles" & sword

F13 Knight of the Order of the Chaotic Ant

(carded one is the 2nd version)

F14 Wizard casting spell

F15 Witch, invoking the spirits

F16 Orc standing guard

with spear as supplied...

F17 Orc marching, half armoured

F18 Orc in chainmail & plumed helmet advancing

F19 Dwarf with Axe

F20 Armoured Dwarf drawing dagger

SD1 Dragon - Something Special

And an unknown hunchback...

Two different base inscriptions. One had the code added which is always useful....

The original post is here;

I also recently picked up a Naismith Designs Roman Chariot... this is a seriously nice sculpt although a little fiddly as a kit.

3 unknown parts though... any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

These look great!

Whistling Chris said...

So many gorgeous, characterful sculpts! Thanks for sharing!

Paintmonger said...

Great stuff, the chariot horses are wonderful.