Tuesday 19 March 2024

Heritage Models / Der Kriegspielers 'air power' and more...

I managed to pick up another old catalogue, this time from Walthers Inc of Milwaukee. It's a second edition version for 1975 and shows no 'taint' of fantasy or science fiction... that time was about to come!

And what a selection of goodies! They did offer trade discounts but, looking at the order form, it didn't extend to miniatures...

The 'air power' range described itself as;

'All metal precision cast actual scale model recognition aircraft super-detailed for use with mini armor, ships or as a separate collection of the aircraft of World War II'.

That ties in with the militaries use of GHQ 1/285 micro armour 'recognition' aspect. I wonder how lucrative the military contracts were back then!

The range at that time was as below... I don't know as yet if it was expanded but will start to collate and update on the Lost Minis WIKI later. I picked all of these up a few years back, along with some Heritage Napoleonettes (15mm), mainly so I could record them for posterity as usual. Can't see this gaming history disappear. The early packs (as per the listing below) only showed Der Kriegspielers however once they joined forces with Heritage Models that was changed along with the artwork. 

I certainly don't have any of the full colour cards as mention in the page above... would love to find a copy or two!

The rear of the blister pack;

The few blisters I have;

A few more bits from an old DK/HM catalogue;

I've now added everything to the WIKI;

I don't have a complete list to hand, possibly in another catalogue somewhere so two of the above were later additions than the 1975 Walthers' catalogue  shows. They are lovely miniatures and I'd love to find out more about them so, if you know, please leave a comment! I can't find anything after around 1979 so possibly the range was dropped / sold on?

They also had a page of GHQ 20mm wargaming figures. I have a few examples of these and they are lovely figures, as you would expect from GHQ. There are some pics if you check the GHQ label on the right of the blog.

I also got a oldish (from 2001 which, at my age, cannot be described as old any more...) catalogue for TCS. It's full of wargames bits and bobs including a 25mm fantasy range of which I do have a couple of pieces somewhere - pieces I've never been able to identify! Very shiny metal. I must find out more.

Also, I found parts of the Hinchliffe Models Medieval Siege Tower cladding kit. I'd picked these up in a bits box of stuff about 10 years ago and had completely forgotten them. Unfortunately it's not a complete set and some pieces are duplicated. One day I'll find the rest!

Hope everyone is well. I'm suffering from my regular 'man-flu' which, as usual, hits my chest and so old man karaoke is currently off the cards. Most upsetting!

Take care.



Phil Curran said...

Get well soon!

David Wood said...

Thanks Phil... as usual it's here to stay a while :(