Friday 21 September 2012

Thunderbolt Mountain Badges - Tom Meier

Some years ago Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures were produced under licence in the UK and I managed to pick up some gold plated badges and also some earrings designed by the incredible Tom Meier, one of my favorite sculptors of all time....the earrings were sculpted for 'House of Spencer' - the website is no longer up and running so I am unsure as to what has happened to the molds / masters etc and if indeed there were any other sculpts. Good fun stuff anyway.


22nd September 2012 - update from the man himself. Tom has posted on Frothers Unite Forum;

'I’ve made lots of relief work for badges and other jewelry. The largest single project was a lot of sea life themed stuff for ‘Atlantis’ a company run by a friend here n Ohio, maybe fifty or sixty items. I think I have the molds around here somewhere. The fantasy badges were some of the first things I did in relief, I think there were about six, made in the nineteen-eightys sometime.

I don’t recall ‘House of Spencer’ and I still hold the copyright to that flying pig. They may have ordered some years ago and repackaged them though if they are of recent manufacture they are pirated.

It’s a curious thing, I’ve known quite good sculptors in other ways who can’t do relief work well or easily, I wonder what makes it different from work in the round for them.'

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