Saturday 15 September 2012

Jack Scruby Fantasy War Game Miniatures

Well, I just received a parcel off the great folks at Historifigs containing most of the old 70s Scruby fantasy range......totally joy.  Nice clean castings and a total trip down memory lane - remember, you have to think Minifigs ME range as the only alternative at the time......

F-1 Troll, Advancing with tree trunk - 54mm tall

F-2 Living Tree, with out stretched branches - 54mm tall

F-3 Hero, chainmail with long sword - 40mm tall

F-4 Wizard on rearing horse - 30mm tall

F-5 Elf, firing longbow - 28mm tall

F-6 Giant Orc, shield, curved sword - 30mm tall

F-7 Orc, charging with spear - 25mm tall

F-8 Orc, charging with sword - 25mm tall

F-10 Goblin in Morion, with pole-axe - 20mm tall

F-13 Wizard, with staff - 40mm tall

F-14a Dwarf, with sword - 25mm tall

F-15 Evil Wizard - 40mm tall

 Historifigs leaflet

The figures are all available via the Historifigs website with ordering details here and a PDF of their prices here.

Please note there is an updated version of this post here.


private wierd said...

Thank you for this post! And for the heads up about this company. I wanna go nuts now and buy a whack of these classic beauties and play some Chainmail.

You have a fantastic site!

David Wood said...

Did you pick any up?

Jesus miguel Lizarraga osuna said...

Hello, greetings, I want to ask for help to know more about these figures since I have 5 of them, they are two magicians (one like the one in the photo) the arbor, a warrior like an orc and a magician with a hood who has no face, thank you in case For help you can contact me