Friday 4 January 2013

Me in the 90s.....playing bass....

Badly converted .VOB file...tried a freebie converter before paying for it but the song starts halfway through and the video, without sound, starts after 3.20...then ends after 20 seconds or so...any recommendations would be appreciated :)

Anyway....if it works a little all is well until I get a better upload......I shall chase my youth more later :)


Anonymous said...

The 90's omg, I get out my old pictures to show the kids I did have hair once.

The song sounds very good, was it recorded in a studio? My and my mates used a tape recorder so not very good.

David Wood said...

Recorded in a studio who's name is memory.....the keyboard player's girlfriend's brother was doing a University degree in video engineering so he took us on as a project for free.....great fun. Might have found a converter so may upload a newer version at some point!