Friday 8 March 2013

Minifigs re-releasing classic VFW fantasy!

Checking through Minifigs website I noticed they have sneakily released some of the old Valley of the Four Winds figures....only a handful so far.......I have emailed them and hope for some more news soon.....I have examples of each of the Swamp Lords but never thought small armies would be possible......

VFW101 Swamp Lord advancing with spear 

VFW31 (should be 81) Civilian with Fire Beacon

Check their website and hassle them to release more.....tell them I sent you! The rest of the Valley of the Four Winds range is illustrated on the Lost Minis WIKI.....all from the 1980 Games Workshop game....

Just got a reply off Dave Ryan at Minifigs and he thinks these are the last of them.......seriously though, if enough people contact him he'll look for more!!! I never finished painting these back in the 80s.....maybe now is the time. I've put a small order in for some of the spearman and will live in hope of more.....those below are from my own collection.

Just had an email off Dave again and he has found more Swamplords!!!! More news soon!

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Unknown said...

Hi, i've got a whole bunch of these figures (over 500!) which have been gathering dust in my loft for years. I've come across your post whilst researching about who might be interested in buying them, are you interested? my email

i've also got a load of original ral partha and citadel figures still in their original packaging too, do you think there's any value to these?