Thursday 14 March 2013

Tony Yates - sculptor and artist extraordinaire!

Every so often you come across someone in the gaming industry that makes you think there is still hope left in the world. I first came across Tony's sculpts in the 80s when he sculpted for Heroes Miniatures. Since then he has worked for a multitude of companies and spent time a the Concept Manager at Foundry. His illustrations fill more periodicals and rulesets than I know about.......Combat 3000, Spacefarers and Laserburn being the ones that come to mind first.....all Bryan Ansell related pre GW and Warhammer 40K. Tony recently sent me not only an old copy of the Laserburn rules trilogy but also a bunch of  artwork................may he live long and prosper!

Hopefully I'll add more to this post soon....first day off following night shift. All Tony's pics remain his copyright and are used with his permission.

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