Thursday 17 July 2014

Wargames Foundry - Egyptian Adventure

Tony Yates has just posted a pic of his painted Pharoah's Court from this officially unreleased range....they are available with pleading via mail order I believe and also at shows.....some lovely pieces in the range. I only picked up the mummification set at Partizan the other month but I did take some pics of the others they had on display.....thought I'd share them........ 

EAV515 Armed Arabs

EAV502 American Adventurers

EAV506 French Foreign Freebooters

EAV516 Arab Machine Gunners

EAV517 Arab Casualties

EAV520 Egyptian Pharoah's Court (painted version courtesy of the wonderful Tony Yates)

EAV521 Egyptian Priests

EAV522 Egyptian Mummification

EAV523 Egyptian Priests Resurrecting Mummies

A great set of minis and I look forward to seeing the rest. Bodes well for Foundry's upcoming releases!

The range has now been added to Foundry's site here. Please tell them I sent you........

Check out their website (soon to be updated as they have recruited a tech savvy bod), always full of interesting day coming up soon and open for business in one of the nicest parts of the English countryside......don't forget to tell them I sent you....

Also remember to check out Tony's Shadowkings blog...he is a painting machine and turns out some wonderful stuff...

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