Friday 30 September 2016

Minifigs new range - Retro Sci Fi

Just noticed these via the Minifigs/Caliver Books newsletter. Very nice indeed and well priced so thought I'd post them....all pics are Minifigs. Edit 10th October - mine arrived, very nice castings. Pic at the bottom.

RSF01 Retro Space Pilot - Spacesuit

RSF02 Retro Space Pilot - Uniform

RSF03 Freelance Assassin

RSF04 Pepperpot Hunter

RSF05 Young City P.I.

RSF06 Demon Hunter

RSF07 Mercenary

RSF08 Chrononaut Grandfather

RSF09 Psycho Cyborg

All available here. Tell them I sent you!


Tony said...

Nice minis that bring back fond memories of my childhood.


Phil Curran said...

OOOh not Grimjack and Not Axel Pressbutton. Lovely stuff

Phil Curran said...

and others