Monday 8 January 2018

Noggin the Nog and the very short update!

Well 2018 is finally here. Xmas decorations are down although still not packed away of course.....I'm still waiting on the packaging for the Noggin sets but at least the planned sculpts are coming along nicely. Peter and Daniel have ok'd the Nog soldiers and Third Party Productions Ltd are back on tour with their stage show - details on their PDF here.

Without further ado here are the soldiers and the rest of the Moon Mouse set.....these are all for a post Kickstarter release via The Little Soldier Company....possibly another Kickstarter to come...
"You are brave. You are handsome. You are strong. In battle none dare approach you for fear of the strength of your swords....."

And the Moon Mouse now has a ship and a trough to land in......

So a very happy new year to everyone and here's hoping it'll be a very Noggin filled one!

Due to the fact we now live in a modern age of technology and stuff....

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