Friday 13 December 2019

Hinchliffe Calder Craft Robin Hood series... part le deux...

Well, as mentioned in the above post, I managed to pick up the Calder Craft Robin Hood Adventure Gaming booklet along with the painting and adventure gaming guide. They are lovely old school publications and a great read. The illustration are the same type as the Hinchliffe Collectors guide from 1976 although I'm not sure of the illustrator (unless it was Norman Swales the equipment piece designer who still designs models today?). 

The Adventure Gaming booklet

The Painting and Adventure Gaming Guide

(this is just an A4 sheet folded over)

Still looking for the boxed game of course and the other figure packs...

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Independentwargamesgroup said...

You lucky so and so I havent seen this booklet before. The range are still lovely figures especially the one piece casting sheriff and of course the tax collector. Best of luck in your task.