Wednesday 11 December 2019

Hinchliffe Calder Craft Robin Hood series...

Many years back Hinchliffe moved part of the company into a division named Calder Craft - aimed at a  more gift packaged product. One of series was re-purposed ranges as 'Adventure Packs'. I just managed to pick up 2 of the blisters... the castings are pretty poor (I don't remember poor castings from Hinchliffe back in the day) - the RH7 Man at Arms shows mold slippage in both examples and also in the one on the Lost Minis WIKI here. All the miniatures seems to be from the RH range barring the 2 scenic pieces in the archery tournament.

1106 The Tax Collector at His Work

The blister had been opened and the contents placed in individual ziplock bags... I don't know if all the pieces are there but live in hope...

1108 The Archery Tournament with Robin Hood in Disguise


The 3 arrows to be stuck to the target were in their original (I assume) plastic bag and are quite effected by lead rot... I'll give them a good clean before attaching them.

The offending plastic bag...

The 2 scenery pieces are possibly from another range, they don't have the RH prefix, instead SA8 A and B...

So far I only know the names of 2 other blisters... not 100% certain of the contents...

1103 Prince John Sir Guy of Gisbourne and the Sheriff of Nottingham
(I'll assume RHC2 & 3 of course)

1107 The Creaky Transport of Sherwood Forest

Edit 13th December... found an old catalogue listing;

1100 Personality Pack - Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, etc

(poor pic via the PDF)

1101 The Outlaw Band - Trusted Followers of Robin Hood

1102 Sherwood Villagers - People of the Forest Dwellings

1104 The Mounted Sergeant and his Men at Arms

1105 Sergeant and his Men at Arms on Foot

1109 The Bridge of Encounter Robin Hood and Little John

I've also just purchased the Robin Hood Adventure Gaming booklet which should be here in a couple of days... more pics once it arrives!

The boxed game which I'd love to pick up one day! Decent pictures would be a bonus as well!

There are a couple more small images over on Boardgame Geek here.

And while we're at it this is an RH mini without a code... possibly a Heritage release in the States as he's reminiscent of the John Carter Warlord of Mars style. Any thoughts?

Edit 13th... I checked the base and memory had ill served me. This is a Heritage Sheriff...

Possibly from a medieval range? I'm not aware of them doing a Robin Hood one...

The full RH listing and many pics are on the Lost Minis WIKI here.

Some of the Calder Craft Adventure Packs are here. Many images missing as are listings... if anyone has either please give me a shout. Posterity calls!

A lot of Hinchliffe minis are available again through Hinds Figures Limited. I did pick up the Robin Hood range but they seem to be using old molds which, coupled with the hard alloy used, makes them quite difficult to clean up.

A great Frank Hinchliffe history is over on the wonderful Unfashionably Shiny blog here.

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Springinsfeld said...

Interesting post. The final pic does look very much like a Heritage figure... I picked up some of these HC Robin Hood figures on ebay a while back, various items including a log bridge and a set of rules that went with them. I'll ping you pictures if you like.

David Wood said...

That would be great. I'm still trying to find decent pics of the painted set from the boxed game, the only one I can find is a little grainy from an old Military Modelling... I'll add it to the post!

David Wood said...

Just updated with a few more pics.

andoreth said...

Not sure of the numbers but there was also a mounted villains pack with King John, the Sheriff and a mounted version of the tax collector and a cannon set with a mantlet. The archery target and the firing point marker were part of the range even if they did not carry the code number and I am unaware of them being sold separately. A nice little range and the merry men have seen yeoman service (literally) with me armies over many years.

David Wood said...

It would be interesting to find out about those codes Andoreth. Glad your Merry Men have seen long service.

Rob said...

I guess you already know, but just in case - these figures are still in production by Hinds Figures.