Wednesday 19 February 2020

Archive Miniatures 15mm Napoleonics ... a selection arrived...

Previous post about a sampler pack here however I was fortunate enough to trade for a few packs from the States along with a gold plated Ral Partha wizard... more of that another time. 

Nevile Stocken, designer and CEO of Archive Miniatures stated;

"The other Spanish guerillas I made included a curvaceous Carmen-like fig with a hair-comb and mantilla holding a dagger behind her back, a Priest in a wide-brimmed hat charging with a rifle held aloft, and a nun throwing a bomb. People either loved them for their character, or hated them because they did not fit well with the dominant 15 mm Napoleonic figs of the time (Napoleoniques). All of them looked like Napoleonic Hobbits. I sculpted about a hundred of these little fellows over the course of two months. The Dark Ages line never happened, other than a rather burly Norman knight on horseback. Archive closed its doors before the line could be developed fully"

More info from him re the sampler pack on the aforementioned post above.

On to the pics... once again I have little to no idea what they represent (I've added the pack codes though) but that has never stopped me collecting old lead before... gotta love Nevile's style. Archive were mainly a fantasy / sci fi company and there are a lot more posts here.


This general type was included with 5 of the above. I assume a packaging error... 









A Dragon magazine ad from the later 70's I think...

Card insert in the baggies... all used the same card with just the coding changed...

Well, if you have any further info (or examples to sell/trade) please give me a shout on;'


Bret S. said...

Awesome! Great work!

Phil Curran said...

Not my thing but I'm glad you are pleased.