Monday 24 January 2022

Table Top Talk - September 1963 plus some Asgard Miniatures Orcs


Well, had the time to scan another issues and Mikal has done the honours with cropping etc.

On my Google share drive here;

Interesting letter from Allan Watson of Australia regarding the banning of lead!

That's 5 issues so far, plenty more to come!

Finished three old Asgard Orcs - these were some of Jes Goodwin's earliest sculpts back in the 80's.

Left to right; OR35 Slave Orc Archer OR33 Slave Orc with Scimitar OR8 Orc Scout

More pics of the range on Lost Minis here. They are still available (and very reasonably priced)  after all this time from Viking Forge in the USA here. Let them know I sent you!

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Rodor said...

These orcs have a charm of yesteryear that has always attracted us, even if they are different from those that manufacturers like Citadel have accustomed us to. And best of all, they are still in production, like Nick Lund's old Grenadier orcs, now produced by the Italian manufacturer Mirliton. What is their average size? 25 mm?

David Wood said...

These 3 are some of the smaller ones so about 25mm if standing… the rest of the range varies up to 40mm or so.

Phil Curran said...

I do love the orcs from Asgard. I need to revisit them. Any more Clangers in the offing?

Springinsfeld said...

Some of the best Tolkien orcs available.