Saturday 15 January 2022

Citadel Fantasy Tribe Evil Leaders and more...


The Fantasy Tribe Evil Leaders range was released late 1982, then it was changed to C22 before being amalgamated into ranges by race type. They were designed to expand upon earlier range releases. I think I've got the right figures... plus a couple of others I seem to recall being released at the same time... if you have any thoughts or other pics please let me know on

Chaos Commander

Hobgoblin Commander

Skeleton Champion

Zombie Lord, one of the few I've painted...

Night Elf lord

Orc Warlord

Night Goblin Warlord

Night Goblin Chieftain


Red Goblin Chieftain

Lesser Goblin Chieftains

Orc Champion

Ogron Foulbreath - pretty certain this was for the range...

Couple of clips from White Dwarf;

This Goblin standard bearer was obviously to expand on the early SS4 boxed set, Goblin Raiding Party.

A Military Modelling ad for the Fantasy Tribe Zombie range... still unequalled IMHO.

Thought I'd add this lady as I finally painted it after all these year... Citadel Female Fighter, one of 6 versions...


I got the top left one from the pic below to replace one I'd got with a missing axe (the one to her right)... my new axe looks the part but obviously wasn't the original!

That's it for now. Don't forget to become a Politico please! Also, if you fancy buying me a coffee, I'm always grateful.


Springinsfeld said...

Are you looking for these Dave? I can probably do you the orc warlord and red goblin. I must get that raiding party standard bearer.

David Wood said...

I think I’ve got them all thank you. Just need more research!

Rick Priestley said...

All of those were either newly or about to be released when I joined Citadel - I remember the Fantasy Tribes ranges were a nightmare to pick for mail order because they were mixed moulds - which meant there was a black bucket sized bin full of mixed castings and you had to root through it to find the exact model you wanted. Fair wrecked your hands it did. Worse thing was if there were literally none of the model you wanted in the bin either because the cavity had gone, it just didn't cast especially well or it was the most popular model and they all went quick. Of course, you couldn't tell until you'd been through the whole bin.

Those ads have a very Bryan Ansell feel about them - I took over the mail order and started to produce the ads and flyers - but it's very Bryan to describe the Ral Partha Dragon as 'most impressive' - of course when I started I just copied what had been done before so sometimes it's hard to tell who has done what - and I certainly don't remember!

Rodor said...

Fantastic vintage miniatures, with great character and dynamic poses: we particularly like the orc warlord, which not by chance was chosen to be featured in the advertising sheet!