Thursday 27 January 2022

The Courier magazine 1975 - Der Kriegspielers and Heritage ads


Volume 7 no. 4. Lovely set of articles (original scan courtesy of Mikal) from before they joined forces. I was 13 at the time and just beginning my journey into poverty.

A bit regret of mine is seeing the Duke at Salute a few years back but I was suffering one of my frequent anxiety bouts so didn't approach him. 

I remember well the adverts in Military Modelling showing these wonderful looking Fantastiques pieces imported / produced by Hinchliffe Models before Games Workshop took over the world... Many are available again from

There are a number of images of this old(e) range on the WIKI here. I've yet to pick any up but live in hope (in truth I would love to live in Hope which is a lovely village in Derbyshire in the UK; 'The pretty village of Hope is situated where the River Noe and Peakshole Water meet, and has a range of hills to the north including Win Hill and Losehill. Hope village was mentioned in the Doomsday book as having both a priest and a church and the present church, dedicated to St Peter dates from around the 13th century and is famous for it's gargoyles, a Norman font and there is the stump of a Saxon Cross in the churchyard.).

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