Friday 18 March 2022

Star Wars Miniatures - Archive Style...


An excellent blog post over on the Star Wars Collectors Archive by Ron Salvatore and Yehuda Kleinman.

I blogged about these some time back but this article takes it to the next level and is well worth reading. My posts are here. Take note of the historical miniatures in one of the pics - Byzantine light cavalry, Huns, a Musketeer and a mailed cavalryman. I would love to find some more information on those as there is nothing out there that I have found as yet. Going off the scale by Nevile's eyes I don't think some are the 15mm Dark Ages range. A poor listing (here) on the WIKI seems very limited... I do have a few of the Ancients range and will eventually open the baggies and get them posted... for now though, we shall make do with what must be the 079 Sudanese Elephant with 3-man crew although the insert card is numbered 100. 

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