Tuesday 8 March 2022

Hinchliffe Guide to Wargaming - 1977

Clearing out cupboards is always fun - I have a habit of leaving old drawings / birthday cards etc from the children in places where I'll come across them when having a sort out... great memories. Anyway, this is an old Frank Hinchliffe tome that I believe had one of two later editions? Quite simplistic but a fun read. Scans should be large enough to download and read etc.

12th April 2022, added front cover of the Heritage version of the guide at the end. Courtesy of John Leahy.

Below is the US (Heritage Models Inc) version of the front cover. Thanks to John Leahy for this.

Lots more Hinchliffe Models posting here.

Three pics of a Hinchliffe Crusader I've recently (ish) finished barring varnish... picked up a bunch of them along with lots of Robin Hood minis that need to join the painting queue at some point... I'm snowed under with The Little Soldier Company stuff to paint at the moment though... being the slowest painter in the multiverse doesn't help things! Peter Gilder sculpt of course.

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Donnie McGibbon said...

That is a cracking post, will ore over this at my leisure. Great stuff!