Tuesday 25 April 2023

Salute 2023 - 50th Anniversary Show!


Well, that time of year again... my annual exodus to the old smoke and a weekend of drugs, sex and rock & roll. Have to admit these days that tends to be paracetamol, not a chance in hell, and pub background music. Still, things could be worse! I did my obligatory Tower of London 'receding hairline' shot... note how over the years I show less and less of myself... vain glorious indeed.

 Things started off well - a neighbour seeing me walking to the station gave me a lift as I was, as usual, running late. Following a nice trip on the train I arrived at the new style accommodation... double room in a house with shared bathrooms etc. 15 minute walk from Prince Regent DLR and I arrived just after 1 o'clock... to cut a short anecdote even shorter, they had forgotten we'd arranged an early check in so I ended up meeting Asgard Mark at The Fox pub along with all my luggage and afternoon travelling plans cancelled. Rather annoying. A nice drink with Mark and Germy who I hadn't seen sitting nearby as I had my glasses on the top of my head. Good evening followed by a relatively early trip back to the room which turned out to be something of a dump although serviceable... for double room read single bed in small room. Grrr.

The enticingly closed portals of doom on the way back from the pub...

Friday night in London... I know how to party!

The eastern end of Excel as I approached...

Joining the queue... 

Goddie bags given out as we approached the entrance... program and freebie mini, always a bonus (loads on eBay already of course, ranging from £8+). The bag didn't seem to contain as many leaflets as usual which was a shame as I always like perusing the bag after the event

And we were in!

Enjoy the rest of the pics and they will get some text soon (I promise) however Granddad duties take precedence for the rest of the day!

I turned one way (can't remember if right or left) to work my way methodically around the show... first stop was the wonderful Moonstone stand (https://moonstonethegame.com/)

Then my travels started becoming more randomised!

Wojtek sculpting on the Warlord stand as ever. Lovely work.

Alex Huntley and the Warp Miniatures / Arcworlde crew hard at work... I meant to go back later when the queue was smaller to pick some bits up but I completely forgot!

A most wonderful Warmaster game...

https://anschlusswargames.com/ makers of some incredible 12mm 'scale' micro armour - reminded me very much of the old GHQ, CinC and Mercator? armour from my youth.

https://www.mammothminiatures.com/ are now making minis for the Planet 28 game.

Atlantis Miniatures... can't find their website now unfortunately. Edit; https://www.bluegiantstudios.co.uk/

Bad Squiddo Games! https://badsquiddogames.com/

Offensive Miniatures, based, like myself, in Stockport.

Colin Mathieson!

Pete Brown of Frothers running the old Snit's Revenge game.

Various Brexit related games from more of the Frothers crew.

good old Geoff doing a roaring trade at his Oakbound Studio stand - if you're into Celtic type myth and Fae then look no further! https://www.oakbound.co.uk/

Quick break for lunch although ended up back at the Fox as the bar here didn't have draught beers, only bottles.

Excellent chippy dinner, as we say oop North.

Back to my childhood with Airfix items!

Painting for everyone!

Colouring in for everyone!

More Frothers' goodness as Ukrainian tractors take on the Russian bear!

Great 28mm participation game from the London Wargaming Guild - Cold Doings in London / The Great Frost Fayre comes to the River Thames.

4 pics below c/o the inestimable Philip Page.

The goodies! I have really reigned in from previous years.

The new hardback version of Planet 28 is wonderful although I loved the previous booklet type... very simple ruleset which appeals to me tremendously. They are available via the Mammoth Miniatures link up above.

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Fimm Mc Cool said...

Sorry I didn't get to speak to you, was completely manic the whole day! Looks like you saw most of the things.

shadowking said...

Thank you my friend, wonderful pictures as always, would still like a copy of the frothers brexit rules amazing stuff be safe

Ray Rousell said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Springinsfeld said...

Looks like a good day. Last time I went ( at least 15 years ago) it was dark and absolutely packed and it's put me off ever since. Looks a bit more civilized now. I was hoping to find out if 7TV had any Robin of Sherwood preview figures on display.

Herkybird said...

Great show report, its nice to see the traders as well as the games!!! You took a lot of great pictures too, I hope you had time to shop!

Rodor said...

Thank you for your report, as always full of photos. Thanks to them, we discover new fantasy miniatures that we didn't know enough, such as Moonstone or Warp Miniatures or Monkstone. And Frothers' creations are brilliant!