Wednesday 15 May 2024

Salute 2012 - Wacky Races and Celtos Chariot

I was just trying to clear up space on my iCloud thingy and found a bunch of images back from when I was working on two chariots for a Frothers Unite Forum chariot racing game at Salute in 2012 (me playing the game itself showed why I don't game...).

The original 'The Creepy Coupe' (homage to The Munsters) vehicle came from a charity store - never underestimate looking at charity stores! The dragon's head is from an old Citadel / Ral Partha Tom Meier dragon (now produced by Ral Partha Legacy as a Brass Dragon here;

The Harlequin is an old metal one from Black Scorpion Miniatures (now oop), the plastic dwarves are from various places... my memory fails on the front seat one. Extra accessories from the bits box.

Mantic Games ghoul underneath the back and another 'unsure of' dwarf leaping out of the rear window. The MDF part at top is from a Fenris Games accessory railing (?) piece. 

And the painting starts...

Not sure where I've saved the window glass additions for the dwarf but I think it was cut from blister packaging? Quite effective for me!

Lots of info on the series here;

Or you can watch on YouTube here;

There is a great Wacky Races game recently Kickstarted by Cool Mini or Not that contains load of the cars

The game is available from Amazon here (my Affiliate link so please click away!)...

Then, of course, came The Celtic C*ck... Frothers being that sort of forum at the time. I'd picked up a job lot of Wargames Foundry chariots a while and decided to base it on those... the wilder the better so I thought 2 chariots wide would make more sense.

I was sent the bases but can't remember who supplied them. Damned fine effort though. I added most of a rather battered Citadel skeleton from the bits box to the rear.

I can't for the life of me remember where the tusks came from.

The Celtos barbarian hero type (sculpted by Kev White, one of the best sculptors going, now working for GW) was the obvious choice for the driver.

I added a whip, not sure where the handle came from though. Could have been the original sword.

Copper wire for the reins, fiddly but worth the effort.

Painted up in all its glory.

Brigade Models (the UK company) now produce the Celtos ranges, very well priced and most certainly worth looking at...

Well, that's it for now. Please leave a comment!


Citizen Sade said...

Great stuff. Used to love the Frothers games at Salute, but this one’s ringing no bells for me. Maybe I missed this year or was too pissed to remember.

Shame that Frothers is effectively no more. It was a special place in its heyday.

Anonymous said...

The full report with more pics is here. Facebook group isn’t the same is it 😞