Monday 27 February 2012

Heresy Miniatures Dragon

Andy at Heresy Miniatures has spent the last couple of thousand years sculpting what must be the ultimate dragon.......I was lucky to hold a cast metal head at Hammerhead recently and it was only reluctantly that I gave it him back! The theory is the dragon will be cast in resin but he is experimenting with metal to speed up production. I am number 125 in the queue with 108 to go as of last September...............

Take a look at the Heresy website for more info....

Back in 1983 Michael Perry (now of GW and Perry Miniatures fame) sculpted the ultimate dragon at the time....24" wingspan and 24" long.........I had one for a short while but sold it for beer money back then.....doh! It went for the princely sum of £49.50 when it tends to get around £1500+

A big difference in style to the early days of lead as shown by the Der Kriegspieler's large dragon from the first ever Games Workshop figure catalogue...this being pre-Citadel!

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