Saturday 11 February 2012

Hammerhead show in Newark..............

Hammerhead show tomorrow in Newark;

Unfortunately it looks like the price has gone up to £4 - must be the Mantic freebie figure.......wish they'd stick with their own ones, I do love the collecting aspect of the miniature hobby. I've collated most of the Hammerhead and Partizan minis on the Lost Minis WIKI

My favorite over the years being the 'Count Carlsberg';

Traders booked in are
4A Miniatures
Ainsty Castings (Carrying Crooked Dice Miniatures)
Baccus 6mm
Black Pyramid Gaming (Carrying Crocodile Games)
Caliver Books
Colonel Bills
Coritani/Magnetic Displays
Critical Mass Miniatures
Dave Thomas (Carrying Artizan/Crusader/Foundry/Perry et al)
David Lanchester Books
Figures in Comfort (Carrying Westwind Miniatures)
Grahams Wuerkshoppe
Ground Zero Games
Hasslefree Miniatures
Heresy Miniatures
Ironclad Miniatures
Lesleys Bitsbox (Carrying KR Multicase)
Mantic Games
MJ Figures
Monarch Books and Miniatures
Pireme Publishing (Miniature Wargames)
Rapier Miniatures
Rathbone Games
The Game Store
Time Was
Tumbling Dice
Urban Construct
Wargames Emporium
Warlord Games

Should be a good laugh with a midday bar meetup.

Just finished a 6 night shift and am completely goosed. Got up at 4pm as the children brought me waffles and a cup of tea. Couldn't be better (although a bacon butty may have improved things....).

Still trying to get hold of a US chap to finish of a trade for 'Empire of the Petal Throne' figures I've sent him. He keeps going off the map so I do think I've lost out which is unfortunate as he seemed a trustworthy sort with a good web presence of his own......hmmmm. I'm sure there is a reason for non-contact.

Life goes on and we await 'The Hobbit' although secretly the 'John Carter' movie is top of the lists........with it being Disney there should be a lot of toy tie-ins result in much fun for modelling projects.

More later.


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