Friday 24 February 2012

Foundry Open Day 24th February 2012

Well, got down there for quarter to ten....the traffic was fairly light all things considered and there were only a couple of people already mooching around the bargain bins. Thieving buggers......should at least have the decency to wait for me to turn up.

Mostly Napoleonics and Seven Years War :(

Familiar staff were there so had some good chats about....well, the usual stuff. The warehouse was down on stock for some reason - not sure what is happening there and forgot to ask......the older codes such as the DA (Darkest Africa) were few and far between on the racks so maybe they are discontinuing a lot....... I was trying to get a set of the old Citadel Samurai but was told they are now totally out of production........should have picked up the blisters at the last open day rather than 'leaving it till next time'.

Free coffee and tea was laid on as usual with a good selection of biscuits......

Matt was running an American War of Indepence game that turned more competitive as the game wore on. Good fun though and smoothly umpired.

I found a bunch of new fantasy minis in the painting cabinets including new halflings sculpted by John Pickford which look great...............should be released by the end of the year to tie in with clues were given as to what this is to be.....

More later as I should post some pics of the loot.........I did manage to pic up duplicated blisters in error but that's the lure of the lead for you.....

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