Friday 12 April 2013

Kev Adams update 30th April

This time via Frothers.

"Hi All
Just really wanted to thank everybody again for their kind and generous support .
The donations are really helping us to get through this difficult period and i'm very impressed by the generosity of all the people that have made these wonderful inventive sculpts .I hope i get a set of them
this message is a short one as my eyesight makes it hard for me to type for too long due to the glare of the screen hurting my eye and my vision is not up to its usual sharpness .
My bad eye is slowly mending but is still wonky and i feel disorientated a lot of the time I get white flashes and can sometimes have double vision , my right eye is still lower than left eye due to the surgery that was to repair the damaged eye socket but because of the injuries that were inflicted the surgery has not stopped my eye from dropping as there was no bones in my face left unbroken to support my eye .
Ive tried looking at models but right now its not good and frustrating for me because i can only see them clearly if my left eye is closed .
I am back at the hospital and seeing an eye specialist on wednesday and hope for the good news that my vision will return to normal and my current wonkyness is due to the healing process ,so we are keeping our fingers crossed that I will heal as fully as I can be expected to given time and rest .Once again thank you for all the support , just knowing that so many people care and want to help is a huge morale booster for my family and myself at this moment in time .

Previously via Goblinaid.

"I would like to thank everybody for their kind support and help , its really appreciated at a time when i cant work and feel under the weather .The models are very impressive from what ive seen and i'm touched by everybodys kindness.. I'm not a facebook member and have avoided joining for years so i'm not being unsociable .
My IMac was stolen so i'm struggling with an old pc that keeps crashing so even doing emails is frustrating for me .
I try and tell myself that i'm ok but family say i'm not my usual self so i reluctantly went to the doctors and found out that i have acute psychological damage as well as physical and the doctor has told me that i need councelling for quite some time as well as regular contact with victim support .
I'm angry that ive had my life messed with and am finding that difficult to deal with at times
Ive been told to rest and to not use the computer or be in too much contact so i will be quiet for a few more weeks while i heal .
I will bounce back and am determined to get making models soon but am signed off for a few more weeks .
Thanks again for all your support ,you have been great and i love you all .

I have updated the sculpts in the earlier post so please keep checking back with Goblinaid.

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