Sunday 8 September 2013

1977......Asgard Miniatures Science Fiction

Back in 1976, Bryan Ansell, the brain behind Conquest Miniatures, Tabletop Miniatures, Citadel Miniatures, (a lot of) Games Workshop, Guernsey Foundry, Wargames Foundry etc etc etc.......formed Asgard Miniatures along with Paul Sulley (now of Tumbling Dice). It was set up in the miniatures capital of the universe; Nottingham, England......In 1977 or thereabouts they released a Science Fiction range of which I have been picking pieces up over the years. Any gaps in the pictures here means I need them.....please.....

Most of the figures here are in the later Tabletop shiny metal as opposed to the nicer greying lead of classic Asgard.....

Trimote Warriors

S1 Trimote with Displacer Cannon

S2 Trimote with Vortex Grenades and Disintegrator

S3 Trimote with Disintegrators and Projector Unit

S4 Trimote with Power Armour

S5 Trimote with Disruptor Mace and Disintegrator

S6 Overlord with Sonic Pistol and Projector Unit

Trimote Auxiliaries

T1 Trimote with Halberd and Two-Handed Axe

T2 Trimote in Cuirass with War Pick, Shield and Sword

T3 Trimote with Two Spears and Axe

T4 Trimote in Chainmail with Sword, Shield and Axe

T5 Trimote in Plate Armour

T6 Trimote Overlord


TM1 Mandiblex with Autoblaster

TM2 Officer with Web Gun and Force Sword

TM3 Mandiblex with Flame Thrower

TM4 Mandiblex in Power Armour


X1 Cyborg War Machine

X2 Three-Arm Robot

X3 Hover Robot

The Inscrutable Orts

SF20 Ort with Sonic Gun

SF20a Ort with Assault Laser

SF21 Ort Wearing Payonic Amplifier

SF22 Cyborg Ort of the Order of the Sacred Claw

SF30 One-eyed Glax

Science Fiction

SF1 Saurian Rider in Power Armour with Hunting Blaster (rides SD4)

SF3 Laser Cannon (for SD5)

SF3a Displacer Cannon

SF3b Disruptor Mace

Alternative Armies in the UK and The Viking Forge in the States  have molds for a lot of old Asgard miniatures and I am awaiting with relish to see what they re-release......


Don Hans said...

Love you Asgard SF collection. I am green of envy :)

Just about to paint a small warband of Trimotes. If you want to check it out here is the first pic:

Thx/Don Hans

Don Hans said...

Hi, I have 6 orts with sonic guns.

I could trade one of them for a Trimote overlord or officer if you have any duplicates. Interested?


David Wood said...

Sounds good. Can you email me at and I will chat further!