Wednesday 11 September 2013

Couple of bits, old and new plus Kev Adams Goblinaid...........

Well, in case anyone hasn't heard, Kev is on the mend although still awaiting the first operation on his eye. He hopes to start sculpting again soon which is great news. More from the Goblinaid Facebook post;

"Hi everybody , 
A massive thanks for all those who are helping and have helped me , i'm feeling really well and happy , eye is a lot better and i aim to be starting to make models in a few weeks time , i can focus again thanks to a prism on glasses but am very rusty and need to practice so will do bits here and there over the next couple of weeks to sharpen up .
I reckon i will need new glasses soon as ive had a wee bit of trouble seeing up close .
When i went for a walk later to go volunteering i was very disorientated and couldnt walk straight but i think its to do with my focus adjusting. 
The operation was cancelled because of a toothache and its going to be a while now before they can operate so ive decided to go back to work once i'm signed off , even if my eye is a bit dry , i would rather have my independence back and get back making models .

The first model i'm going to make is a goblin decorator based on myself with eye patch tin of paint , bush , apron and maybe some rolls of wallpaper .I want all the proceeds of the model to raise money for Syrian refugees and hope it will sell better than my usual models .
Its my way of saying a big THANK YOU to everybody who has helped and its my way of showing appreciation for everybodys kindness .

Over the last few months ive kept very busy and completely re decorated the house and painted the exterior plus ive been busy in the garden , its helped me no end with healing and ive nearly finished now and will have plenty of time for working again once i start .
Obviously i need to go and have this horrible operation later on and will be off work again while it heals so i will look like a pirate for a few weeks while it heals .
The operation involves taking a sample of flesh from roof of mouth to graft below eye so i have a lower lid again.
It wont be for a while though because i cant book for the op until my teeth are fixed and ive been told to wait six weeks after the dental treatment before contacting the hospital, my dental appointments at the end of the month so its going to be around two months .
Will keep you all posted .

again many thanks .

The Goblinaid sculpts are now available from Ral Partha Europe and are just great.

Kev is one of the industries stalwarts. I can just about remember a time when he wasn't at the forefront of sculpting but then I am very old! I recently took some pics of an old Harlequin (now Black Tree Design) Barnorsk War Mammoth (Kev designed the Orcs and Tony Ackland the mammoth) for a friend of mine so thought it would be good to share;

Excuse the out of focus shot.....I'll try and update it soon!

The Barmorsk Orcs are now known as Great Orcs and, although the Barnorsk mammoth is not currently available, a Barbarian version is here.

I just finished a Black Tree Design World War 2 Russian Maxim machine gun set and have prepped another one plus 3 Plastic Soldier Russian infantry.........

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