Sunday 25 May 2014

Thane Tostig Quest II - the skeletons have arrived....

Around June 1977, Barry Minot unleashed 'The Quest of Thane Tostig' onto the gaming world followed by a later second quest against the might of Merlin. I have recently picked up a set of the skeletons and they have been sitting in a dettol bath for 3 weeks.....still some paint adhering after all that time but mostly gone. The old white undercoat should be used on military vehicles in the real world. Nothing seems to shift it....

I present.....The Legion of the Dead Skeleton Warriors

TT37 Skeleton with Axe and Shield

 TT38 Skeleton with Sword and Shield

 TT39 Skeleton with Poleaxe and Shield

 TT40 Skeleton Firing Bow

 TT41 Skeleton with Spiked Mace and Shield

 TT42 Skeleton Standard Bearer

TT43 Skeleton War Trumpeter

Do not judge these sculpts by todays standards. These are old school and wonderful pieces of mini history. 

The original rules and minis are blogged here followed by most of the 2nd quest minis here.

As always;


phf said...

Very Cool!

Andrew Gilmartin said...

These skeletons are wonderful by any standard. Great find.

Springinsfeld said...

Great figures. I was surprised how small they are, even by the standards of the day.

Phil said...

These skeletons are really great!!