Thursday 16 July 2015

Empire of the Petal Throne 1984 interview with Prof M.A.R Barker

Creator of one of the most vivid fantasy game settings, I thought this interview with the Professor might be of interest to many! Taken from issue 71 (Nov/Dec 1984) of 'Space Gamer', the magazine is a feast of related articles. Hopefully you should be able to save the images and enlarge them at your heart's content for future perusal.....

The only drawback with the Space Gamer magazine was the general lack of miniatures related articles over the years. They had some capsule reviews but, published by 'Steve Jackson Games' (the US guy, not the UK Games Workshop founder), the company always concentrated of the game side of the industry rather than the miniatures....that's not to say they didn't produce miniatures, far from it, but overall they were not the lead heads they should have been.....they are indeed still going strong, producers of such games as 'Illuminati', 'Munchkins', 'Ogre' and many more...check them out;

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