Saturday 25 July 2015

Greenwood & Ball Catalogue - 1975

Well, I have finally found a piece of software to edit photos on the new that I can almost understand. Window Photo Viewer has changed so there are no editing tools like the old simple crop I used all the time......God Bless Irfanview. It's given me an easy way to crop and rotate scanned longer will I have to post wonky pics! On to the goodies......picked up off eBay recently I thought it would be good to share. The errata sheet at the end shows the first pictures of a new range; 'Sword And Sorcery'. I was 14 at the time and didn't discover them till the next year or so. John Braithwaite was the 25mm designer for Garrison, the wargame figure area of Greenwood & Ball. He was, apparently, a lifelong smoker, as was the habit in those days own parents were never without a Player's No.6 either in their mouth or being lit up......great for us children as the vouchers that came with them would allow us to choose gifts from a catalogue...much joy had over Timpo plastics turning up in the post.......halcyon days indeed. Cancer took John in the late 70s however his sculpts live on. Rob Young currently has most of the old molds over at Garrison Miniatures although that site is now closed for business. Rob has left a potted history of the company here and is carrying on as usual in the hobby himself with his own worthwhile blog The Eastern Garrison. As Rob has taken down the catalogue, check out the Lost Minis WIKI listings here.

Hopefully you can save the files and view at your leisure. Enjoy!


Rob Young said...

The comments still on the Garrison site are ones I wasn't able to remove. I gather John atually died around 1992 - see comments originally on the front page of the Garrison site;pageID=7580230094884983645;onPublishedMenu=pages;onClosedMenu=pages;postNum=5;src=pagename

Re catalogues, most still exist somewhere on the web - for instance, a search for Garrison Miniatures Sword and Sorcery will get you this:

At some stage I'll try and work out how to get more catalogues on the pages section of the blog - it's a bit torturous at the moment, plus I keep getting distracted by Minifigs and various Fantasy items...

Regards, Rob

SK-BLitz said...

Any idea what happened to Steve Walker, who ran G&B with John in Darlington?

David Wood said...

Hopefully someone will know and contact you Chris.