Friday 4 November 2016

Archive Miniatures - 15mm Napoleonics sampler.

A break from my usual fantasy / sci fi collecting, I recently picked up a sample pack of these Nevile Stocken sculpts from the later 70s. Lovely little chunky figures although I have no idea what each one is - and I hang my head in shame as admit that..... They also had a 15mm Dark Ages range although I have yet to see examples (listing on Lost Minis).

Nevile Stocken replied to this; 

"The rider on the left is a Bavarian chevauleger, dragoon, or cuirassier, depending on the paint job. The little bloke wearing a xmas stocking is probably a Frenchie in a foraging cap, but he may be a Spanish guerrilla. The one with the top hat worn askew is a Swedish infantryman of some kind. The bicorne infantry and cavalry are old-style Spanish infantry and dragoon. The other Spanish guerillas I made included a curvaceous Carmen-like fig with a hair-comb and mantilla holding a dagger behind her back, a Priest in a wide-brimmed hat charging with a rifle held aloft, and a nun throwing a bomb. People either loved them for their character, or hated them because they did not fit well with the dominant 15 mm Napoleonic figs of the time (Napoleoniques). All of them looked like Napoleonic Hobbits. I sculpted about a hundred of these little fellows over the course of two months. The Dark Ages line never happened, other than a rather burly Norman knight on horseback. Archive closed its doors before the line could be developed fully"

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