Tuesday 29 November 2016

Those cultists sir, need some discipline..........

A quick update and an exclusive direct from the devilishly handsome Mark Hides.........the Screaming Mob miniatures 'Mobstarter' has a new leader, a limited edition figure for anyone ordering £50+ on the Mobstarter.......freshly sculpted by the very sexy Chris Nicholls of Macrocosm fame, I'm pleased to present;

'The Discipline Master'

Lovely stuff and to be encouraged.....as per the previous post, Mark has a lot of ideas for more releases.

Just had a chat with Chris and he added;  'I just wanted to say about the miniature I 'Sculpted'. It's a modification of one of the line. Adam Gayford really should have the credit too, since I just used the existing greens as dollies.....'


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