Wednesday 3 October 2018

Eureka Miniatures - Hieronymus Bosch inspired Chaos Army

I first came across these delightful miniatures at Salute a couple of years back as Nic makes an annual trek over from Australia to regale us with his goodies. They are inspired by the nightmarish artwork of Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch and are sculpted by Mike Darpa. They go really with the Nightfolk over at Northumbrian Tin Soldier and also the original Valley of the Four Winds minis from Minifigs....Dave at Caliver is slowly re-releasing them (including some unknowns I've seen but have been sworn to secrecy). Please tell them I sent you if you go visiting.....

All pics taken off the Eureka site are used with permission and remain their copy-write of course!

100KASC09 Hog the Unfathomable and Wreckless Eric

100KAS29 Lucinda the Lune

100KAS001 Snailhead / 100KAS002 Armless Nihils

 100KAS003 Theo the Baiter / 100KAS004 Batface the biter

100KAS007 Harry Born yesterday / 100KAS009 Log

 100KAS016 Phil the unchastener / 100KAS20 Ugly Betty, child 3

 100KAS25 Little Olaf the Unsteady

100KAS28 Flappable Ned

My own Flappable Ned as a work in progress.....he's quite a large piece!

100KASC02 Cyril, Herald Reluctant and Bruce the persuader

100KASC06 Herald of the leash / 100KASC07 Belcher of the Unleashed

100KASL001 Kaiser Buddha, Chaos Lord

My loot from 2 Salutes......really need to pull my finger out and get these painted!

The full range is here. They are also available from Ian at Fighting 15s in the UK.

A good site for Hieronymous Bosch is here (just click no to the free coupon pop up).


Springinsfeld said...

Hi David... great figures. Just today I sent Dave Ryan VFW figures so he can remould the Grand
Wizard part of the range, so hopefully we will be seeing walking heads and mouths, Jokers on Beastliness and all the rest soon!

David Wood said...

That's great. I'm sorting a bunch out as well for him.

Springinsfeld said...

I was thinking of sending him the Pixies next.... what are you planning on getting back into production?

David Wood said...

The giant rat, the missing one of the scribes and Swamp monster.

robotforaday said...

I love these minis... both times I've been to Salute, by the time I got to Eureka's stall they'd already sold out.

Anonymous said...

The Eureka Chaos chaps are true chaotic sculpts, just finishing Hog the unfathomable and Wreckless Eric.