Saturday 11 June 2022

An Introduction to Fantasy Wargames; Battle Magazine December 1977


A wonderful old memory I came across again when browsing through Battle mags. I think this was used separately by GW as a flyer? Great little article by Steve Jackson of Games Workshop,

I don't think Steve Jackson (or Games Workshop!) need any introduction of course. There is a fantastic looking book on the origins of Games Workshop coming out relatively soon. I backed it some time ago but it's not too late to pre-order;

(image borrowed of the site purely for illustrative purposes)

More later, keep safe.

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Rodor said...

We also agree that the article is extremely interesting, both because it traces the trends of the Seventies regarding the fantasy world and related games, and because it gives an insight into the situation in 1977, heralding the development of fantasy wargames that there would have been in the 1980s.
The Games Workshop origins book also looks fascinating - how about reviewing it on your blog?