Friday 17 June 2022

Ral Partha Chaos Wars new Kickstarter - Wave 4 - a Tom Meier cornucopia!


For me Tom Meier is one of the sculpting Gods of the hobby. I picked up examples of his work when Ral Partha were first imported into the UK by Wargames Publications (Scotland) Ltd in the later 70's. His work is just about second to none and I hate to think of how many unpainted sculpts of his I have sat around the house... Jacob Fathbruckner has taken on the task of Ral Partha Legacy and it is a worthy one indeed. Take a look at what the Kickstarter has to offer, link below.

Beyond that you've got regiment sets, giants, dragons, siege weaponry and more... pop over and pledge as Jacob tells me all the funding is going into producing the miniatures and then into getting more produced. Greater love hath no man.


Big Andy said...

One wonders if any of Tom Mier's historical models will become available again.

Anonymous said...

Most are available from Iron Wind Metals;