Saturday 26 August 2023

Citadel Dragons - December 1992 and other bits...

Just picked up an old Citadel flyer for Dragons... as the title suggests! Most of these were released well before this however advertising is advertising...

I also had one of those Google memories come up from when I was on holiday in Nottingham a few years back. These pics show Citadel Miniatures' original site on Millgate in Newark. The address was Newark Folk Museum, 48 Millgate, Newark, Nottinghamshire. I think visiting there in the later 70's was when I first met Bryan and Diane. Happy days!

In case you've missed (and if so, where have you been!), Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson have recently published 'Dice Men', the origin story of Games Workshop. Well worth a read and it really helps me relive my youth!

Available from all good booksellers.

More later folks. If you fancy grabbing me a coffee it would be very much appreciated... picking these memories up is thirsty work!

Or pop over to the shop and pick up some bits and pieces!

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