Wednesday 16 August 2023

Citadel Fantasy Tribe Fighters - November 1982


Back in the day, Citadel were frantically throwing models into generic ranges. The sculptors were working frantically and turning out some of the nicest minis around. A hobby friend queried a female barbarian type that is purportedly one of this range however, I can't see her on this particular advert from Military Modelling. Feast your eyes anyway, it was a golden age for us fantasy collectors.

Not sure who else beside the Perry twins would have been responsible for these as it's a little early for some of the other names of the 80's.

Edit; Tony Ackland just mentioned that this was his piece of work and he had to work late to finish it!

More later.


Anonymous said...

I love this series. RAFM produced these and Ral Partha for sale to stores in Canada. They were sold individually. I remember going to the Comic Wizard on Newmarket Main Street in Ontario Canada. The miniatures were on shallow shelves behind plexiglass with a series number and price under each. I would tell the owner Al, which number I wanted and he would pull it out of a drawer behind the counter. Since they were not packaged I did not know who made these until decades later, I need to re-buy many of these for my collection.

Lestodante said...

Lovely models! I have a bunch of these fighters in many of their variants. Planning to re-base and paint them all one day...

Herkybird said...

I, too grew up with Citadel Miniatures being the pinnacle of being lovely figures! They were pricey even then, but were worth the extra pennies!
I recently got some from a wargames show and apart from being a bit small compared with the modern figures in my collection are still excellent!