Tuesday 1 August 2023

Sandra Garrity 1981 Limited Edition 'Draggles'.

Johnny Lauck formed Dark Ages Miniatures  back in the very early 80's. Amongst other things, he re-released a number of Nevile Stocken's old Archive Miniatures as a limited edition run - these were produced in high grade alloys which allowed me to pick up some to replace the awful lead that Archive used back in the day (they, like early Citadel, would use tyre lead weights amongst other money saving shenanigans to bulk out the casting alloys... I did hear the old car battery lead would be picked up as well)). He did, however, commission a limited edition baby dragon called Draggles which was sculpted by Sandra Garrity (based on artwork by Chas Gillen). It's a heavy piece, weighing in at a pound in metal and apparently retailed for $25 although my own receipt shows a purchase price of $12.99...

It's a delightful piece showing, presumably, a female dragon lovingly hugging a wayward knight who was possibly intent on stealing her treasures!

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Rob Young said...

Nice, quirky figures... Back in the 70s several manufacturers were rumoured to use lead from car batteries and tyres - including a couple of quite well known names.

Anonymous said...

I like Sandra's sculpts. I have now amassed such a miniature collection that I am working on collecting specific artists. Tom Meier of course. Dennis Mize. And I love Sandra's gnolls for Ral Partha. I have a few but I want to add more.

Anonymous said...

I add lead to my tin when I need the miniatures to be more easily bent. Like for tree armatures. My brother gave me a 150 lb. Weight which was a counter weight for an x-ray machine door. To handle it, my father cut it in half with a chain saw. The quality seems good. I wish I knew I could have used tire weights as a kid. I would have had a bigger Prince August army!