Monday 14 August 2023

Unknown 25mm Gauls from the late 70's and some early Ral Partha...


Got a small job lot of minis the other day and it included a number of old historical minis, most easily recognisable, however there are two Gauls infantry that I can't pinpoint. Pictured below with a Hinchliffe rider. Ga1 and Ga3 on the bases respectively. Any thoughts? They're seriously nice sculpts and it'd be great to find some more.

I also came across some of my old Ral Partha minis. Some were from Wargames Publications (Scotland) Ltd who imported them in the later 70's (at a hefty 50p or more!) before Citadel/Games Workshop started producing them under licence. I've used the UK prefix as they're all from the early 'Personalities and Things That Go Bump in the Night' range. Most of these are the first versions produced and all Tom Meier sculpts who is, of course, still going strong producing minis for many companies such as Darksword and Ral Partha Unleashed.

ES43 Armored Knight 

ES31 Dwarf Lord, ES24 "Foregum" Super Hero and ES22 Elf Lord

ES11 Vallor, Warrior of the Gods, ES15 Super Hero w. Axe and ES5 Winged Gremlin

ES13 Assassin, ES56 Enchanter and ES10 Hill Troll

ES28 Gremlin War Party

ES9 Barbarian Hero, 2nd version with some cotton and plastic bits added.

Most of the range can be seen on the Lost Minis WIKI;

Some great links about Ral Partha history and Tom Meier here;

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Big Andy said...

At first I thought Warrior- but the codes are not theirs. Then an outfit called Navigator but they look too good for them. Could they be From the USA? Perhaps Thistle and Rose- only a guess ?