Thursday 3 October 2013

Archive Miniatures 2098 Star Fellowship - another piece of the puzzle......

As part of this 'never ending story' of the 'not Star Wars' minis I dug out a mini I had never identified following a friend's comments on this set about most of the set being Hobbit (or Hibbot) sized.....lo and behold.....Chewbacca the Fuzzy;

Excuse the pics, wife is in bed so can't use the normal lighting area....

The others I am certain of so far are;

Hans Self (2098 inscribed on the base) - here missing gun barrel...

Obi Tu

Princess Lula

That leaves the final 3; Leke Skyhibbot, Rsla Androidess and R.P.2.P - I am told the robots were 'normal' sized so potentially we have these;

Seems to fit the Androidess bit....

A 3rd Hibbot type has been posted by Nightbay on the Lost Minis WIKI..could this be Leke Skyhibbot?

If anyone has any further info please give me a shout on

Link to the previous post here

Don't forget if you are interested in Archive Minis, I run a Yahoo Group - (edit 25/02/2022), now long gone as are all Yahoo Groups.

Early morning edit (can't sleep)...I've just been informed that all the figs above do make up the set. Excellent. Anyone got a spare of the last Hibbot mini please????

Extra edit......2098 appears on the base of all of them now I've stripped them...should have done that in the first place.....

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