Friday 11 February 2022

Gary Gygax 1974 battle report plus Mike Monard interview...

Panzerfaust Magazine No.64, released around May / June 1974... great little mag with some wonderful articles. Started by Don Greenwood in 1967... it became Campaign magazine (not to be confused with Campaigns Magazine) at some point in 1976 having changed hands a few years earlier. Lots more info on the magazines' history over here on TacticalWargamer. I've scanned the whole issue as a PDF but I'm waiting on my accomplice in arms to crop it as I don't have a PDF editing license... where there's a will etc.

The participants in this game read like a gathering of the greats... Gary and Ernie Gygax, Rob Kuntz and Mike Monard. A nice introduction and a very readable storyline... fun times were had I think. Played using the TSR 'Wild West' campaign rules... I assume they mean the Boot Hill booklet?

Hopefully the scans are high enough resolution to read and / or download to read.

I also discovered a most wonderful little BBC World Service interview with Mike Monard chatting about the D&D...

Listen to it and / or download it below;

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Tactalvanic said...

What a glorious find from way back when, reads, well, written well, and even with the lack of modern day photos of all the action, its still a really enjoyable battle report.

now I got to find time to listen to that recording.

Thanks for that!

daveb said...

It's funny how much it reads like an average roleplaying game with your typical murder hobo characters. Wargame indeed.

Jon S said...

These are great David. A fascinating time just as skirmish wargames morphed into roleplaying. I wish I still had my real world copy of Boot Hill.